Big Dreams

Everybody has dreams, goals in life. When we are younger even more. The world is open, so many things to do, to achieve, to see, to learn. So many possibilities. So many ” one day I’ll do this and that”. Everybody has a list of dreams, smaller and bigger ones. Dreams of a fulfilled life, happiness, family, places to visit, things to achieve. Who want’s to look back in age and regret? And know what, most of the time you regret the things you did not do. Yes there might be cases you regret something you did, which turned out as wrong decisions, but then you have learned something out of it, at least. But the things you did not do, those are the ones you will regret most.

So think about your big dreams. What are they? Family? House? Living abroad? Climbing Mount Everest? Whatever it is, how many of your big dreams have you realized so far? How many have you even started or tried? Think about it. This big dreams are the first ones we procrastinate. It’s not the right time to start it, maybe next year. But know what, there will be never the right time to realize a big dream. And there’s always something which can be used as an excuse to procrastinate. You do not have the money, you do not want to leave your current job, you do not meet all the prerequisites, it’s to risky to do this right now and so on. It never fits, so we procrastinate. We’ll always find a reason to tranquilize our conscience. And then suddenly you are old and some of the dreams can not be done anymore. If your dream is to cross the Atlantic ocean with a canoe, you shouldn’t wait until you are 70. So you simply run out of time and as a consequence out of your dreams. Time will decide for you and this is usually not the most optimal decision.

And when you start realizing that some of your dreams can not be achieved anymore you’ll feel bad, of course. Welcome in the midlife crisis. But there is a way out. Simply take your dreams seriously. Be aware of your dreams and be aware of the prerequisites and limits to start them in time. Make a plan how to achieve them. Break them down into smaller tasks. You want to run a marathon at least once in your life? It’s doable. Do the first step right now, create a training schedule for the next 2 years. Start slowly but regularly and increase continuously. Big dreams require proper preparation. To eat an elephant you need to cut him into smaller pieces you are able to chew.  To do that you need to know where to cut and you need a sharp knife. Plan to get a knife, plan to sharpen it, learn how to cut an elephant, make a schedule and stick to it. As simple as that. And the same strategy is applicable for your dream. Well, maybe you do not need the knife in each and every case 😉

Life is too short to procrastinate. Life is to valuable and precious to regret lost dreams. If you are having big dreams, then simply work on them, one after another. Stop dreaming your life, start living your dreams!


“You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. Act Accordingly.” – Colin Wright.