If I had any idea what to write here, I would have written it here. But unfortunately I don’t have any clue about blogging, so you will never find out what could have been read here, if something would be written here.

On the the other hand, you are reading already when you are reading that here is nothing to read. Is this possible actually? I know some people who would call this antagonism. But why should you spend time to read if you already know here is nothing to read. And you reached already the end of the second paragraph. Strange.

Are you okay? I am already worried a little bit since I do not know that many people who keep reeding with the knowledge it does not make sense to continue reading. And you are still with me. Amazing, how is it possible that somebody you do not know is able to make you read something which is not worth to be read. Is this influence?

But how? We don’t even know each other. Why do you let it happen that I have that much influence on you to make you read even down to the fourth paragraph? Why do you not stop reading? Just like that. What is it, what keeps you here? Curiosity? Tedium? Are you to weak to stop reading?

Yeah, it’s quite hard to stop reading as long as you know you could miss something which might come in the next paragraph. You would even continue if I tell you there is nothing to read down there. It’s strong, right? But where does this power come from?

But anyway, you made it, congratulations. You did read that here is nothing to read nearly until the end. Looks like you have wasted a few moments of your life with reading this nonsense. Think what else you could have done with these moments. Why are you still here? Are you okay? Are you aware of this influence?