Christmas Madness

And there is it again, Christmas, the time to step back, to relax, to think, to reflect. The celebration of peace, contentment, happiness, altruism, deceleration. So far the theory. And what do we do actually? This is the most stressful time in year. So many things to do, to prepare, to organize. It’s about to make close ones feel good, it’s about showing love and care. But for some reason we implement this good idea in a different way, we shower material stuff instead, believing to achieve that basic meaning of Christmas with presents. Do we really believe that love and care can be transferred via toys, ties and socks? How can the tenth watch or tea cup make us feel love or care? And then we feel the urge to be creative. Presents have to be better, larger, more expensive, more unique, more everything with every year. So we are spending hours in overcrowded shopping malls or on online shopping pages to find it, the one-of-a-kind Christmas present. Of course we need to outrival all other presents. And then all the social constraints, if we receive a present from somebody we feel the urge to give that person something too. Or why do we have difficulties to tell people that we do not want a present, some time together or a hug would be much more appreciated, but we do not say that. And how do you react if you get a present you do not need or want or like. Oh yeah, a forced smile, how inventive.

Christmas became an event of hypocrisy. We pretend to feel good but actually we don’t. We try to meet the expectations from society, the expectations from other people. We are so busy to buy love, care and appreciation with material gifts. We forgot the real meaning of satisfaction. Sitting with a steaming cup of coffee, watching a candle burning down. This is Christmas for me. We do not do┬áthis anymore. Instead we decide enervated after several hours present hunting for the voucher again, same as last year. Very creative and for sure this voucher will transfer our wish to make the targeted person feel good. Christmas became a big lie actually. It’s actually so sad.

But I am sure you’ll do it better. You will not throw unneeded material objects at your loved ones. You will appreciate spending time together and hugs more. I am sure you do.

I wish all of you a merry Christmas. I wish you some peaceful and quiet days. And now go and hug your loved ones with a smile. Merry Christmas!