Happiness, the second try

Within last days my brain spent some more cycles and brain cells to think about happiness. The more I think about happiness the more questions raise. What are the dependencies and requirements of my happiness? What are happiness indicators or drivers?

For me happiness is tied closely to my inner peace. But being in peace is not a matter of course. There are only a few intensive moments of complete inner peace and I have found a way to trigger this inner satisfaction for myself.

For me one trigger is cross-country skiing. Imagine you are skating through a highly snowbound forest. All trees are covered with snow and the last light of the day will be vanished soon. It is snowing big fluffy snowflakes which restricts the range of sight to a few meters. But the most calming effect of the snowflakes is that they swallow all noises. It’s nearly completely silent. The only detectably sound comes from the skis sliding through the snow and my heavy breath. I even can hear my increased heart beat. The round movements of skating require and stress nearly every muscle in my body and I feel already very exhausted. But the thrill of the speed, the arresting beauty of the snowy forest and the breath-taking silence keep me running. Soon my mind empties and removes all unnecessary thoughts and the warm feeling of inner peace is spreading through my mind, body and soul. It’s amazing, it’s just wow. It’s my heaven.

That’s my happiness and of course there are other triggers of inner peace and satisfaction 😉 What is yours?