Beautiful Morning

Getting up early in the morning is a funny thing. You are always tired, it’s warm and cosy in your bed and your blanket is the best thing on earth in this very moment. You turn left: Cold! You turn right: Wall! Damn, trapped. But hey, so what. You manage to get out of bed and you promise yourself that you need to go to bed earlier tonight. Of course you won’t 😉

The shower needs some time to produce warm water. This is the point in time you wake up completely. At least something. And you are late for the train, as always. Hectic starts and you run out of your house. It’s dark and rainy, congratulations. Another one of those days. Not being grumpy in this moment turns out to be a challenge. But it can be mastered, at least until you reach the train station. The platform is filled with grumpy people. Almost everybody is looking grumpy or empty or is vanished into his or her own smartphone world. Experiencing others in the very same mood you have been a minute ago, this produces a smile at your face. You are tempted to scream a “Good morning world! Good morning people!”, with a huge smile. Just to enjoy the reactions. But you are afraid people will throw you in front of the arriving train. So you better skip that outburst of happiness. Live can be dangerous, especially in the mornings.

Somehow you manage to get into the train and of course there is no free seat left. Why should there be? And anyway, since your sitting in office all day anyway, why not using this opportunity to stand for some time, with a backpack, in a hot and full train, between grumpy people. It’s fun, kind of a social event in the morning. And there is always this one guy, who has the need to let the entire world know what’s going on in his life. The guy who talks loudly, very, annoyingly loudly. There is always one. People start rolling eyes, at least the ones without smartphone. But hey, talkativeness needs to be expressed. So, ignore-mode on. Interestingly it requires some effort to ignore this background noise. Hence the easy way, smartphone distraction. Let’s check the weather and the news, and email, and social networks. Looking up the very next second, the scenery has changed. Different people around, suddenly. How did that happen? And when? Oh, this is the station to get out of the train. Impressive, such a smartphone has the ability to shut down the world around you. Kind of time machine.

Time to jump back into the real life. The main station is crowded and busy, always. So many people heading to work, always in a hurry. Too busy to realize how life passes, silently, inexorably, hour by hour, day by day. Everybody is busy running in his own hamster wheel, faster and faster, but always at the same place. It requires some effort to stop running, to jump out of this hamster wheel, to look around. Life has so much to offer, if you take the time to look around. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?