Navigating the Bumps of Meditation: A Personal Experience

You know when life gets super noisy, like during recess, and all you want is a quiet corner? That’s how adults feel sometimes with their busy lives. I heard that ‘Meditation’ is like finding that quiet spot. So, I thought, “Why not try it?”

Starting meditation should be easy, right? Close your eyes, breathe, and feel calm. But, for me, it was a bit like trying to ride a bike for the first time. I used an app to help me; it was like having training wheels. But sometimes, I’d fall asleep, like when you’re reading a book in class. Or I’d feel itchy or uncomfortable. And, oh boy, my mind was like a playground full of running thoughts! But you know what? Every time I skipped a day and missed many, I would always try again.

Here’s the magic part: After trying for a while, I started to feel good, like how you feel after playing your favorite game. I felt happier and calmer. And, just like doing sports makes me feel good and reduces stress, so does meditation. They’re like two different games, but both have similar effects on me and are super fun in their own ways!

Meditation is like learning a new game. At first, you might not get it, but keep playing, and soon you’ll become a pro! If you want to try meditation, remember to be patient with yourself. Think of it like practicing jump rope or a new dance move. You might trip or miss a step at first, but that’s okay. Keep trying, have fun, and soon you’ll get the hang of it!