What defines you?

Who are you? Have you ever spent some thoughts on who you are? In a sense of what defines you. What is the essence of your existence, in your opinion? What do you think are the main factors, which make you who you are? What formed you? And more important, do you have any idea what others see in you?

So many questions. So many thoughts about purpose, values, reason, motivation. But do you really know what defines you? This splits mainly into two categories. First, your self-esteem is tightly coupled with what other people think about you. Second, you don’t care about the opinion of others. The second case is the easier one, then you simply can define yourself what defines you. Think what is important to you and you are done. Some people are proud of their muscles, other proud of their brain and again others of their money or  influence or power. Piece of cake.

The first case is more unfortunate, since there is a dependencies on others. For example you are proud of your muscles and you put every free minute into sports and fitness to maintain or improve that state of yours. Some people might recognize your efforts and admire your state, but others might not. Others simply don’t care about this aspect and see fitness as a waste of time. In their eyes you are spending your time in a stupid way. The unfortunate thing is, if you pull your self-esteem out of the admiration others show for your passion, then you have lost. Similar with other drivers. You can be as intelligent, wealthy, powerful as you like. There will be always people, who don’t care about that specific aspect.

So why do we tie our well-being and self-esteem to something we can not control? Why do we create or accept that dependency? Wouldn’t it be better to decouple our feeling of self-worth from factors we can’t influence? The solution sounds so easy, the theory is clear. But many of us suck in the implementation. It’s easily said, but hard to follow through.

But life would be boring if it would be that easy. So think again, what defines you?



So what does a reasonable men do in his midlife crisis? Of course, he buys a motorbike, or a sportscar. So did I too. I didn’t want to violate common sense. In my case it had to be a motorbike. And there are several reasons for that.

First I used to ride a bike in my youth. Actually everybody did. Drivers license was cheap and motorbikes affordable. Well, there wasn’t much choice, but it was okay. In my case it had been an used MZ ETZ 125. The cool thing was, it was blue metallic, unusual color, ideal to stick out of the crowd. On the downside, I was slightly slower then all others. 125 ccm have been for export only, very rare inside the country. All others had 150ccm. But that didn’t matter much. I had lots of fun with my bike and actually it is a surprise that I am still alive, and I am kind of happy about that. I used to ride this bike for many years and I still have it, even if it is dusting for decades now.

Second I had been thinking for so many years now to start riding again. But you know how it is. Family, kids, other responsibilities other ways to spend your money and time. So the new bike never materialized and I kept dreaming.

Third, I am not too much a fan of sportscars. In my opinion they are just a way to compensate other flaws. And they are not really practical. Ever tried to transport your skis in a Porsche? And if it’s just about fun and speed, a motorcycle does the job even better. Exposed to the elements, feeling the wind in your face, and all the insects too 😉

So, it had to be a bike, and more importantly, it had to be a Harley. I am well aware that you pay a lot for the name and other motorbikes are less expensive and have newer technology. Of course you get more bike for the money if it’s not a Harley. But as stupid as it sounds, the Harley comes with a feeling of freedom and independence. Yeah, it’s nonsense, but it works. And there is a second reason for the Harley, the sound. No other motorcycle has such an amazing sound. Already that sound is worth it. Incredible.

And it became a Harley Davidson, a Roadster XL1200CX. I enjoyed every single kilometer so far. It’s simply amazing, it is pure fun and I am regretting that I didn’t do this step earlier.

The bike won’t bring more days into my life, but it definitely brings more life into my days.