Rolling in the mud

Dear god, if I am waking up in the morning in a bad mood, did I turn female over night then? Well, this one was flat, but I am sure it will polarize. The point is, men and women are different in some aspects. And no, I do not mean the obvious differences designed in a compatible way which make you grin now. No, I do mean mental discrepancies.

Recently I discussed this with a good friend and here is the condensed version. My dear femaleship, erm womanhood, I mean wearer of female primary sexual characteristics. One thing, men are different, men are still carrying genes of the cavemen, men need to be free, wild, stupid and animalistic … at times. Usually we are nice, obliging, kind, pleasant, friendly, cooperative, smiling, polite and under the spell of you, females. But at times we need to go out into the nature to roll in the mud.

At times we need to go out to do something stupid, to meet friends, to do sports, to run upwards a hill to scream loud at the top. At times we need to fight and to swing axes. At times we need to roll in the mud and do what men need to do. And when we come back home, exhausted and smiling, the last thing we want to hear are questions like: Where did you go? Where have you been? How has it been? Who has been with you? What did you do exactly? Why are you that late? and things like that.

Women, listen. imagine how it feels if you come home happy and smiling with a new pair of shoes you just bought and all you want to hear now is praise, admiration and endorsement. And then you get questions like: Why do you need another pair of shoes? Don’t you have pink ones already? How much money did you waste this time? Do you have any idea how long I need to work for these … rubber boots? Do you have any idea where to place them? The basement is already full of your … slippers. Didn’t they had a pair in your price class? Do you really want to wear those in public?!
And how does this feel? Exactly, this digs out the cave(wo)mans instinct to kill, fast, unexpected and without reason. See, and this is how it feels for us, members of the member gender. So again, when we come home exhausted and happy from a rolling in the mud activity, then all we need is silent understanding and appreciation. And the word “silent” is important here. Just smile at us, fill the bathtubs with hot water and bring us to bed afterwards. Pull the blankets over us and watch us snoring peacefully.

Yesterday evening I went for roller ski tour. 27km cross-country skiing on skikes. It brought me to my limits and I barely made it home. I was exhausted like hell and all I wanted was to rest my tortured limbs. So I jumped into the bathtub with hot water, relaxed and crawled under my blanket afterwards. I slept the sleep of a baby within seconds. And I felt good, incredible good.

It’s so easy to make a man happy. Isn’t it?