Have you ever experienced this? Somebody who is quite close vanishes from your life. This doesn’t need to be drastically like death. Imagine somebody joins your life, may it be in private life or at work and you are walking together for some time. You find out that you have similar interests, you think similar, have a similar sense of humor. Your discussions are inspiring for both of you and you are growing mentally just because of this relation.

This human becomes a true friend, spouse, colleague, training partner, … to you and you get used to this relation over time. You can’t even remember properly how it has been before you met him/her. In fact you consider this relation as given, as granted … but it never is, and it is never everlasting. And suddenly this person vanishes from your life. Maybe a close colleague is moving to another company, a good friend is moving into another town or things like that. That hits you and it hurts. You can’t imagine how you can manage being without him or her.

This happened more than once to me now and my grandma used to say: If a door closes for you, another door will open. And she is right, of course she is. But this does not help to reduce the pain when losing a close one. Nothing is so consistent like the change itself. There has been always changes in our lives and there always will be changes. We should get used to changes, but for some reason we are not. It hurts every single time. It’s like losing a part of myself. Sometimes you have to say good bye, even if you don’t want. But that’s life.