What is happiness? Wikipedia tells me happiness is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. So this can be anything. Anything between contentment and intensive joy. This are worlds! Okay, maybe I better think by myself. What makes me happy? Family? Of course! Job? Maybe. Money?  Nah! Success? Should. Acknowledgement? Good chance. Friends? Close ones. Hobbies & activities? Depends. Love? Absolutely!

Am I happy? I think so. I have all I need in life. But why did I write I think so? Do I think or do I know? Looks like I am not sure about that or my subconscious mind tries to keep a door open. Why isn’t it easy to say “Yes, I am happy?”. Because of the certainty there might be something else, something better, which might make me more happy? Looks like I am not satisfied by my current happiness level. But why? Desire for more? Curiosity? Boredom? Or maybe absence of real problems? What am I waiting for? Why not adjusting the happiness expectation level to the current status quo? Why not defining myself as happy right now? Why not enjoying the things I have right now? Why not living in the present? Am I happy? Yes I am.

What is happiness for you? Are you happy? Do you know or do you think you are happy? Depends your happiness on others? Why?

Are you happy?