There is plenty of time

“The myth is that there isn’t enough time. There is plenty of time. There isn’t enough focus with the time you have. You win by directing your attention toward better things.”

James Clear

Recently I came across that quote from James Clear. This quote resonated somehow and here is why.

Contrary to popular belief, time is not a scarce commodity. We all have enough of it, every day; however, the issue lies in how we allocate our attention and focus with the time available.

This realization has enabled me to be more mindful about what I choose to focus on during my days. Rather than being pulled into activities that aren’t serving me, I try to direct my attention to better things. This helps me maximize the time I have and ensure that my efforts are going toward achieving what matters most in life.

By recognizing that there is enough time but not enough focus, I am able to make decisions with a greater level of intentionality and clarity. This has enabled me to cultivate meaningful habits that are bringing me closer to my goals and dreams.

How are you using your time? Are you happy with how you spend your time?