Big Change

Are you afraid of changes? I am, kind of. Although many people at work keep telling me that I have a pronounced sympathy for changes. Well, yes, but those office changes have been all within my comfort zone. I was sure about those decisions, about the benefits of them. I was confident that those changes will improve things. And most of the time they did.

But now I am going to do a change which is bigger, at least for me. I quit my job and start in a different company soon. This is a change I consider as big. Well, for many other countries this is rather normal and the way to be, but for my home country this is a big step, since it is not that common. It is rather unusual to quit a job which seems to fit well. People tend to stay their entire life within one company. For some reason there is a high loyalty regarding to this. Even more after so many years within the same company.

So for me it is a big step. But it is the right step and I feel good with my decision. I am looking forward to the new challenges. Yes, I am hell enthusiastic about it. Nonetheless I have respect and hope I can fulfill the expectations in me I raised. So this is a good combination and I am sure things will fall into place.

But I was curious why I feel the way I feel. There are two aspects in that. First I am leaving a job I loved and a company I was proud to work for. I have learned so much within that company and I’ve made so many friends in there. It was not easy to leave, especially the last days have been very emotional for me. So mixed feelings, lot’s of them.

And the second aspect is that I am leaving my comfort zone. I rarely did within the last few years. I was good in my job and I knew how to handle things, how to deal with certain situations. My decisions have been based on knowledge and experience and I was confident about the outcome. This here is different. Leaving the company and starting freshly is different. I do not have the knowledge nor experience how this will turn out. I am stepping out of my comfort zone to try something new. That’s why this is a big change for me. And actually the big change is not to quit nor to go to a new company, the big change is to break the pattern of decision making, to jump out of my comfort zone, far away from it. And it feels damn good 😉