Do you know there is a difference between having options and keeping options? We have been told from early years on to evaluate possible options before deciding something, in the optimal case all possible options. We weight them, list pros and cons of all options. And then decide for one. Should be easy then, since you have enough information to make a solid decision. Done.

Problem is, life makes it more difficult for you and just takes some information out of the game. Means, usually you don’t know all possible options or advantages and disadvantages of the known ones. So your picture is incomplete, consciously or unconsciously. Oh my god! Nah, it’s not omg. Then just decide based on the knowledge you have. You might be wrong, sure. But you have decided based on what you had and you will decide exactly the same way if you had to do it again under the same circumstances and knowledge. That’s life, at times you’ll win and at times you’ll learn. And on top comes, even if you have all the knowledge you need to decide, even then your decision might turn wrong if the surrounding conditions change afterwards. There is no need to be afraid to decide wrong. Making a wrong decision is way better than not deciding at all.

Some people tend to procrastinate decisions if they are major, uncertain, if the knowledge base for the decision is too thin. They keep evaluating options again and again in case of unpredictability, in case of risks. They just don’t decide, hoping the issue will vanish by it’s own. I have this tendency as well and I know this makes life not easier. Nonetheless I keep looking at the options instead of nailing the decision down. One of the reasons for it is, I am more a head decider and I don’t feel comfortable with decisions made out of the stomach or based just on feelings. But the head comes into trouble if the pros and cons are kind of in balance. And even if they are not balanced and it’s clear, I am looking for missing options. Stupid, isn’t it?

So the trick is to become aware of this pattern. well this leads at times to the negative effect of overdoing the counter movement, means some decisions might be terribly wrong since made with consciously avoiding to evaluate the options logically. But hey, better than no decision at all. Why do I think this way? Since at times not deciding or procrastinating has bigger negative side effects than you see and the problem is, at times not only for you. For example if your options influence others or depend on others. It might happen that procrastinating a decision will hurt people or destroy something.

At times it appears so easy not to act or decide, but sometimes the consequences might make you and others pay a price you never wanted. So just go and get this damn cone of ice cream 😉