Does this happen to you too? You park your car at a parking site and leave. After a few seconds or even minutes you are not sure anymore if you have locked the car and you go back and check. In most of the cases or almost every time it has been locked already. Sounds familiar, right?

This happens to me quite often when I am leaving my office. It doesn’t take long and I get doubts if I locked away all papers, if I closed the window or if I locked the door. Damn, how many times did I go back to find out I did it already. Well, what you don’t have in your head, you need to have in your legs then 😉 …… or an increased ability to stand and counter nice comments from your colleagues. But easy, the range from possible excuses is wide, from a flat “I forgot something” up to “damn, I love this office smell”. Meanwhile I do use the knowledge that the probability that I have locked the door is quite high, and I just leave with a smile. But this doesn’t solve the issue.

But why do we not remember if we did something or not. Well, first thing which comes to my mind, my brain seems to miss some wiring and forgets things faster, Yay! But it’s something different. Over time I started to do repeating things unconscious. We all do this, otherwise you still would think what to do in which order when driving a car. You do this unconscious, which in fact is good. Since then you can focus on the traffic more and the probability decreases that you will crash into my car. So please keep going this habit 😉

So at times this automatism is very useful, but many times it’s not, even annoying. For example if I have to go back to my office to check things which are not necessary. Point is, I do not do these things conscious anymore since my mind knows what and how to do and just does ,without bothering my conscious part of the brain. Hey, that’s called efficiency, if the conscious brain part wouldn’t burn too many cycles to remember something the unconscious part did never deliver and hid.

So what do I do with this now? Well, I am trying to do certain things conscious, to focus on the things I am currently doing, to focus on the here and now, to focus on the moment. So, when I leave office I do close the window consciously and I do lock the door consciously. Same with my car. This way I give my conscious mind something to remember when I ask it to remember if I have done something already. I am so proud of myself 🙂 ….. Nah, just kidding. And the beauty of this is, it can enrich your life in any aspect. So I want to encourage you, do things conscious. This is called mindfulness. Focus your mind on the moment and then this moment will reward you in a way you never imagined. For example yesterday. I met a very good friend I haven’t seen for some time and we have been sitting on a bench, talking, exchanging happenings from the last days and weeks. If your mind is flowing around during a conversation, you might miss some information, might it be a verbal one or non-verbally. Means do not built together your next sentence or answer as long your conversation partner talks to you. Instead listen, listen actively, mindfully, openly. Observe non-verbal information, facial expressions, gestures, sound of the voice and deviations from the default level, and and and. This way you will experience the conversation much more intense and valuable. Has been a simple conversation, and mindfulness made it to an intense experience and I am still feeling good because of this chat. And be honest, you would prefer too if your conversation partners mind is with you when you are talking to him or her, right?

Mindfulness makes every moment to a special one. Enjoy every moment. Life has a date of expiry. Lost moments will never come back. Open your mind and live every moment.

Live is great, isn’t it?