Sense of Humor

I like Mondays ….. and I like irony 😉 funny or not? Okay, next try: Yesterday I have been so damned drunk, that I had to take a taxi ……. tomorrow I’ll bring it back 😛  ….. funny or not? hmm, okay, last try: I always wanted to do something with animals …. that’s why I love to barbecue these days 😉 …… funny or not? If not, we definitely don’t have the same sense of humor and this makes me feel so sorry for you. Nah, not really, but the point is, different people have different senses of humor. Which is good actually. Did you know that there are people which have trouble to understand irony or don’t understand irony at all? I didn’t know until I met one. It’s amazing since every try of irony will cause confusion up to incomprehension. I know it’s evil, but these people literally crave to be a test person for irony. And shame on me, I have to admit that I have fun to be ironic to people who don’t understand this art :-/

But confusion can also be caused within ironic people. Have you ever tried to look as serious as possible when a friend tells you a joke? No smile, no laugh, just a bored “and?”. And then watch the face. Unfortunately I can’t maintain this state for long until I explode in laughter. Sometimes, when I am bored, I’ll go to the IKEA parking lot and hum the melody of Tetris. Or another nice thing, ask a passing woman at the street and point to her t-shirt: “Do you think they would have had this t-shirt also in your size?”. But if you make jokes about others, you should also be man enough to make jokes about yourself. How about this one? Heat makes things expand. According to this I am not fat, just hot 🙂

To summarize this, there are different senses and perceptions of humor. And now comes the wisdom of the day. I realized that all my good friends have a quite close sense of humor compared to mine. Not to say it’s more or less the same humor. Interesting, isn’t it? So if your reaction to above jokes is just an raised eyebrow, you are either extremely cool, or incompatible to me. This might be sad or joyful, depending if you are female and good looking 😀 … Nah, just kidding. Point is, if you don’t like the jokes, it’s quite unlikely we would have ever become friends. And I don’t say I do have an extraordinary sense of humor. It’s just different to yours without doing any judgements (wuhahaha;)

And this humor topic becomes even more serious (wow, what a word play, tapping myself on my shoulder) in a partnership. In my opinion it’s mandatory that potential partners have the same sense of humor. If not, the relationship might become very difficult and you are spending more time to resolve misunderstandings than actually joking. How sad, but maybe desirable if you are a talkative person 😉
Anyway, so my advice would be if I had a say, if you can’t laugh about your partners jokes, just smile nicely or run away as fast as you can. A life without humor is like a Tequila without salt and lime. Just yuk.

Live is fun, isn’t it?