Love, what is love? What defines love? How important is love for you? What is your definition of love? What do you expect from love? One thing I have learned recently is that different people have different definitions of love, and hence different expectations.

So I started to analyze what is love for me. Easy one I thought, love is one of the most important ingredient in a partnership. I want to love my partner from heart, unconditionally. And I do have the expectation that my partner loves me the same way. So far so good, but what does this mean now? Hmmm … well, for me it means to spend time with each other, to be there for each other, in sunny but also in bumpy times. It means to care for each other, to realize when a hug is needed and to give it, to believe in each other when nobody else does. It’s about passion, want and lust, it’s about sitting together silently for hours and nonetheless knowing the thoughts of the partner. But most important for me is respect, trust and appreciation. Love is to smile with each other, to laugh with and about each other. It’s about accepting the the partner as he/she is, with all amenity and flaws. It’s about forgiveness. Love creates the feeling of incompleteness without the other.

Love is so much more than a simple feeling. For me love is life.