Already as child my mom told me to tell the truth, always. If you want to be a good child, be honest and tell the truth. This is right, this is good, this is honorable. Good people always tell the truth. But what my mom didn’t tell me, the truth can hurt, terribly. It can hurt others, it can hurt heart and soul. The closer the person is, the more it hurts. And the truth can hurt yourself, horribly, your own soul. Moreover the truth has potential to destroy relationships, trust, marriages, even lives.

What about keeping the truth unsaid? Is it a lie to just omit the truth? Is the intention acceptable to keep the truth unexpressed, to avoid to hurt close ones? I think not uttering the truth is far worse and has the potential to generate even more damage. Keeping the truth inside to avoid to hurt others will poison your own soul and subducts your happiness. Slowly but steady unuttered truth will eat you up from inside and hence influence close ones as well in a negative and painful way. Unsaid truth makes people suffer in the same way or even more than uttered truth. But telling the truth while knowing it will make people you love suffer is so immense hard. Even when knowing it will be the better option long-term, it requires so much courage. And it’s so easy to be a coward, to run away. Face it and you will suffer less long-term. Irony of fate, isn’t it?