Due to some logistic reasons I decided to walk to office today morning. It’s about 5-6 km which will result in a relaxed 1 hour walk, mainly through the forest. I pass this forest nearly every day since I usually go by bicycle and I am claiming I do know nearly every tree along my path. But this morning was different. The forest appeared completely different to me … unfamiliar beautiful.

It was a clear morning, only a few clouds in an awaking blue sky. The 10 degree Celsius didn’t feel that cold and the sun has just risen and was shining through the trees on the forest track, which resulted in a striped pattern, alternating sunlight and shadows from the trees. The morning dew was still sitting on leaves and grass, but the first sun slowly made these drops disappear into¬† the air and created a fine transparent fog. This again made the sun beams visible between the trees, made them shine. And around them, all this green. Just breath taking.

And then the smell of fresh air in the woods. I couldn’t get enough into my lungs. The whole scenario was so awesome, so silent and peaceful. I never realized that beauty before and I never was that pleased, happy and thankful to be able to experience all this.

But what made the difference? I took the time to walk. I took the time to open my eyes and to watch around me. I was not just heading to office as fast as possible. I was enjoying the moment, I was living. Amazing, isn’t it?