What is happiness? Wikipedia tells me happiness is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. So this can be anything. Anything between contentment and intensive joy. This are worlds! Okay, maybe I better think by myself. What makes me happy? Family? Of course! Job? Maybe. Money?  Nah! Success? Should. Acknowledgement? Good chance. Friends? Close ones. Hobbies & activities? Depends. Love? Absolutely!

Am I happy? I think so. I have all I need in life. But why did I write I think so? Do I think or do I know? Looks like I am not sure about that or my subconscious mind tries to keep a door open. Why isn’t it easy to say “Yes, I am happy?”. Because of the certainty there might be something else, something better, which might make me more happy? Looks like I am not satisfied by my current happiness level. But why? Desire for more? Curiosity? Boredom? Or maybe absence of real problems? What am I waiting for? Why not adjusting the happiness expectation level to the current status quo? Why not defining myself as happy right now? Why not enjoying the things I have right now? Why not living in the present? Am I happy? Yes I am.

What is happiness for you? Are you happy? Do you know or do you think you are happy? Depends your happiness on others? Why?

Are you happy?

One thought on “Happiness”

  1. The moment u ask urself ” m i happy ” , that moment u know should know u are not , or else u wont be questioning urself.

    Happy , if we luk carefully has less to do with materialistic stuff , it has more do with the ones way of looking at life and the kind of relation we share with people around us.
    There are small things which can make us happy .Things like sense of belonging, being loved , giving love, being cared, caring for others and importantly being grateful about wat we have today.
    Smile , when u have everything blacked out , when u feel u are surrounded by lots of problems , when it feels like being against a tough big wall . And this smile will showu ways , it will lighten up ur heart, mood n brain and u will luk at things with different approach. The more u can smile the happier u can be , but people also say the more happy u are , the more u smile. We often forget if we are happy we will smile all the time , but if we smile in problems the happiness will come running to us.

    Happy is all about : Having Attitude Presently Postive in You.

    Dear author thanks for this article : it raised question within me , m i happy ?
    and these lines propped in mind ….
    Someone once told me that you have to choose
    What you win or lose
    You can’t have everything
    Don’t you take chances
    Might feel the pain
    Don’t you love in vain
    Cause love won’t set you free
    I can’t stand by the side
    And watch this life pass me by
    So unhappy
    But safe as could be…………….

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